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SilverCloud Energy Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore on 2nd Feb 2017 as an exempt private company limited by shares. SilverCloud Energy defines ourselves as an Internet of Energy service provider, by providing the principal services below:

Electricity Retail Licensee

Obtaining a Electricity Retailer License from Energy Market Authority of Singapore (EMA) enables SilverCloud Energy to retail electricity to contestable commercial consumers among other end users across Singapore. Consumption and load profiles are carefully studied to optimize the tariff packages for the consumers.

Clean Energy

Promoting renewable energy technologies throughout Singapore, SilverCloud offers competitive retail pricing that promote clean energy generated by solar PV system on the roof. By signing a solar leasing agreement, the customer can choose to purchase clean energy from SilverCloud Energy, contributing to their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Data Driven

SilverCloud Energy has built a server network to collect data and monitor electricity consumption rates. Customers can utilize this data network to view their daily / hourly electricity usage. Furthermore, Silver Cloud Energy analyses that data to formulate Energy Management Solutions which are used to generate then implement Demand Response proposals.

Electricity Supply

SilverCloud Energy has obtained the Retailer License from Energy Market Authority of Singapore (EMA) and shall retail the electricity to commercial buildings, industrial buildings, residential buildings and other electricity end users in Singapore. We will study the electricity consumption and load profile of the consumer and work out the most suitable electricity tariff package for the electricity consumer. Below is our electricity retail price plan:

Fixed rate Plan

The rate shall be a fixed rate through the contract period

Saving Discount Plan

The rate shall be fixed at certain discount off the prevailing regulated tariff rate from SP Group. The rate will change when the regulated rate changes but it will always be with fixed discount pegged to the regulated rate

Peak / Off peak Plan

If the electricity consumption has big difference between peak hours and off-peak hours, the tariff rate can also be differentiated with peak & off-peak hours rate

Wholesale Price Plan

The electricity rate shall be with fixed premium pegged to the buying price of SilverCloud Energy which is the Wholesale Electricity Prices from Energy Market Company

Solar Solutions

SilverCloud Energy can provide clean energy to the consumers by installing grid-tied solar systems on the roof of the consumer’s premise. The solar system will convert the solar energy to electricity which will power the load of the consumers. The excess electricity could be sold to powergird. SilverCloud Energy will conduct feasibility study and work out the best solar solution for the consumers, the solar solution will allow them to make use to the roof space to generate clean energy for the premise. The eligible consumers including MCST buildings, single tenant buildings and residential landed properties.


SilverCloud Energy has built up an Electronic Business Transaction System to receive the electricity consumption data from the electricity meters. The electricity consumption data is available to the to electricity consumers, by implementing energy management services, the consumer will be able to view the hourly load profile, the daily electricity consumption of the premises and the comparison of electricity consumption with last year.

Energy Management

SilverCloud Energy provides energy management services to electricity consumers who has signed electricity retail agreement with the company. By analysing the energy consumption data, SilverCloud Energy will work out suitable Energy Management Solution which could help to reduce energy consumption and electricity bill. Energy Management Solution could include adopting the energy saving technologies, Demand Response Management, or adopting renewable energy solution e.g. solar leasing agreement. The energy consumption data is available to the to electricity consumers, by implementing energy management services, the consumer will be able to view the hourly load profile, the daily electricity consumption of the premises and the comparison of electricity consumption with last year.

Open Electricity Market

From April 2018, households and corporate entities in Jurong can choose to buy electricity from a retailer with a price plan that best suits their needs. Full electricity market will be open by Q4 2018.

Q: Can my electricity retailer cut off my electricity supply?

No, your retailer cannot cut off your electricity supply. If your retailer wishes to stop selling electricity to you, your retailer is required to inform you at least 10 business days before terminating your contract, so that you can sign up with another retailer. If you cannot find another retailer in time, your account will be automatically transferred to SP Group which will continue to sell electricity to you at the regulated tariff. There will be no disruption to the physical supply of electricity to your premises when you change retailers.

Q: Will the reliability of my electricity supply change if I switch to a new retailer?

No, it does not matter who you choose to buy electricity from. This is because SP Group will continue to operate the national power grid and deliver electricity to everyone.

Q: Who do I contact if there is a disruption to my electricity supply?

You should contact SP Group at or call 1800-778-8888 for assistance.

Q: Where does my electricity supply come from?

Electricity is produced by the power generation companies. SP Group then transmits and distributes it to consumers through the national power grid.

Q: What is the regulated tariff?

The regulated tariff is the price charged by SP Group for supplying electricity to consumers. It is approved by EMA, and is based on a formula that takes into account the cost of producing and delivering electricity to consumers over the long term. It is adjusted quarterly to account mainly for changes in the price of fuel (i.e. natural gas) used to generate electricity.

Q: How long does it take for my Application for Contestability Status to be approved?

Contestability applications for normal metered accounts and master metered accounts will be approved within 2 business days and 1 month respectively. This does not include the time needed to install or replace any metering equipment.

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